Showcase Skating Opportunity!

Have an old show program you would like to bring back?

Know of a fun song you want to skate to?

Want to improve your expression and component scores? 

Interested in competing in a duet with a friend or a small group?


In addition to theatre on ice, US Figure Skating offers another avenue for theatrical skating called showcase. Think of it as theatre on ice, but for individuals! We've had many OSIT skaters compete in showcase over the years and have a lot of fun with it! Recently, the USFS theatrical committee revised the showcase guidelines and has created new and exciting categories for skaters to participate in. These categories are: dramatic performance, choreographic artistry, lyrical pop, character performance (entertainment & character), comedic impressions, interpretive, duet/trios (2-3 skaters), small ensembles (4-8 skaters), whole group ensembles (9+ skaters). For more information about each category, check out the official showcase guidelines through USFS.

Interested in participating? Email Coach Sarah or Coach Kate to get started!

Mia and Cole Rocco have competed in several National Showcase competitions, most recently in Wenatchee, Washington where they earned the gold in Juvenile Duets.

OSIT skaters have participated in several showcase competitions over the years, including SCNY's annual showcase competition and Michigan Showcase.